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Workshops & Retreats

I facilitate day workshops and retreats. You may be facing a transition in life (work, relationships, illness, parenthood, menopause, midlife etc), you may be finding life challenging, or you may just wish to explore what really matters to you.


We will use a powerful combination of stories and myths (as maps to the unconscious), physical practises and meditation (drawing on yoga and qi gong), time in nature, psychological processes (such as shadow work, archetypes, and dreamwork) and creativity. We enquire into our inner landscape to find new possibilities and insights. This work is co-facilitated with Fiona Bibby (BACP registered counsellor, Integral coach and yoga teacher).


Group processes can be empowering, rewarding and enriching as we witness each other and reclaim our own stories that have often been disowned or forgotten. We learn together and connect with one another, providing support and compassion.

For more information about workshops and retreats visit and sign up to our newsletter.


Time out for transition

This retreat offers a chance to take time out to process any life transition you might be facing and reconnect with yourself. We ask the question who am I? and What do I want?


When there is so much noise all around telling us what to be and how to feel, this retreat gives us space to follow our own story.



This retreat offers women time to process or prepare for the changes and challenges that menopause might bring.


Many of us find ourselves challenged and bewildered by both the psychological and physical changes that arrive with the approach of the menopause. We have a feeling that we don’t quite “fit” in our own skin anymore. And with a cultural backdrop that seems to have only negative things to say about the menopause this can be a lonely place.


And yet menopause is a completely normal and healthy process of transition that effects every woman. It can be a dynamic gateway to exciting change; to a more authentic you.

Menopause is an ending and a beginning, a time in which a woman deeply examines who she is, what she has done and who she now wants to be.Alexandra Pope

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